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August 2016

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My seborrhea treatments

Treatments, that's plural for a reason. There is no single magic bullet to treat seborrheic dermatitis. There is no cure. As fine as our medical researchers are, there is also no known cause for this. WebMD calls this a disease, Wikipedia calls it a disorder. I call it a nasty prize in a lottery that I won ... along with about five percent of the adult population. I have managed to find a few things that work well for me. If you try… View More


Expanding on seborrhea treatments

The pH of skin is 4.7 ... quite acidic.Here is a list of interesting products and pH levels:- Optimal pH level of healthy skin surface: 4.7- Vinegar: 2.5- Dead sea salts: 5.8 pH- Sea salts: generally around neutral once dissolved (7.0 pH)- Epsom salts: 5.5-6.5 (considered a neutral salt)- Baking soda: 8.2- Most soaps:… View More


It's frustrating ... seborrhea

I do quite a bit of research. It's been a mission to resolve some of my health issues. In all of this research, I have focused primarily on medical and scientific data. I tend to ignore the outer fringes – those that claims "cures" or try to sell ebooks and other information.Most of my health issues are due to a barely functional pancreas. With only 1% to 2% functionality remaining, I am diabetic and insulin dependent. My pancreas… View More


Browser add-ons (for Facebook)

Facebook has become a central communications point.Since Facebook is now a public company, the pressure to constantly make more profits means that we are increasingly presented information to get us to click more links and view more advertisements.Many of those hide behind "Sponsored Posts" ... I'm sure you have seen them with catchy titles like "What this person did after seeing this amazed me!" ... click the link and you have… View More