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Best first aid training

In high contrast to a horrible experience trying to renew my first aid certificate, I have now completed the Emergency First Aid Training with AED. (AED means Automated External Defibrillator) offered by Action First Aid.

I'll even go a bit further. The course instructor, Christine, offered one of the best definitions and guided training for AED I have ever seen or participated in. 

I really enjoyed this training session. The environment was professional yet kept light with excellent interaction between the instructor and participants. Participants were paired and each two-member team had their own practice "casualty". This device has built in sensors with tactile feedback that guides the participants through the process of applying the correct pressure and timing to be effective in providing emergency first aid assistance.

There are quite a variety of first aid training programs, this one is focused on emergency first aid as it applies to driving situations involving service vehicles, buses and public locations. The company, Action First Aid, also offers first aid training targeted to sports venues, work sites, and more.

The first training program I attended was well over 30 years ago. I followed in my father's foot steps and took a general Emergency First Aid training program by St. John's Ambulance. My father was part of the team that attended sporting events with the quite visible St. John's Ambulance vehicle and rendered services to anyone injured. While most of those seeking assistance were over-heat related, he did help with a few broken bones and very occasional cardio issues. My dad took this seriously, helping others was a corner stone of his life.

I'm not quite so altruistic. My participating in these training programs is more focused to requirements. Most of the time, it was a requirement for the martial arts clubs I participated in or work related. While I never really had a desire to participate in public events like my father did, I chose to stay involved in the quality of first aid training and helped identify requirements and organizations to delivery those training needs. Nowadays, maintaining my first aid certificate is a personal choice.

I encourage everyone to take some basic first aid training. At a very minimum, everyone should know the basics of CPR, Addominal Thrust (used to be called Heimlich something or other, but due to trademark violations, that term is no longer used or promoted), how to use an AED device, and dealing with emergencies that are more prominent these days including dealing with asthama, allergies, diabetes, and seizures.

I have a now-expired certificate with Red Cross Sports First Aid Training with AED. St. John's does not offer a certificate renewal program and it is cost prohibitive to take the full program. I will not be renewing the St. John's First Aid. The Red Cross is sub-standard in my opinion and I will not be renewing that either. My experience with Action First Aid is that the training is clearly at par with the others and exceeds expectations in many areas.

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