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Browser add-ons (for Facebook)

Facebook has become a central communications point.

Since Facebook is now a public company, the pressure to constantly make more profits means that we are increasingly presented information to get us to click more links and view more advertisements.

Many of those hide behind "Sponsored Posts" ... I'm sure you have seen them with catchy titles like "What this person did after seeing this amazed me!" ... click the link and you have to go through multiple pages of one or two paragraphs of information at a time with pictures that do nothing more than entice.

I'm getting tired of the misleading titles, enticing pictures with no depth, inappropriate advertisements. The appeal for profits is taking its toll, not just on me, but countless others as well.

I've found a number of browser add-ons that I'll share with you. They make a huge difference – presenting only information that I want to see and blocking everything I object to.

For the Chrome browser, there's QClean. I installed this mainly to get rid of the Suggested Posts and the more obtruse advertisements on Facebook. After installing QClean, I refreshed my Facebook page and it worked exactly as I expected.

For the FireFox / Waterfox browsers, there is an application called F.B. Purity. This is a major effort and will work on many other browsers as well including Chrome, Safari, Opera, and a few others. I tried it with Waterfox (Waterfox is the 64-bit version of Firefox) and was completely impressed with the vast number of options FB Purity can control over Facebook displays. It's absolutely outstanding and a must-have. I'll be installing it on my other browsers as well.

Enjoy a new Facebook experience ... just the information you need and want. 

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