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Health changes

Not exactly changes, a progression. I no longer use insulin, and no longer need digestive enzymes. My A1C is 6.2 mmol/L (111.6 mg/dL).

I have reported on my health issues at for years. I no longer update it as often as I used to and no longer review any diabetic products. My entire goal these past two years has been to reverse Pancreatitis and reverse Type 2 Diabetes. And, it has to be in that order. The pancreas is responsible for making insulin. Insulin is needed to correct the diabetes.

My health website discusses several phases of my self-treatments to address Pancreatitis and Diabetes. Diabetes has always taken a back seat to pain management of pancreatitis. That pain is delibitating. Until I started my research to find an effective natural pain management system, I was in hospital on average every 2-6 weeks. The last time I went to hospital for unmanageable pain was January 26 2012. I recall leaving the hospital holding my wife's hand – we had been at the hospital for over 10 hours at that point, and nine of those hours were spent in agony awaiting pain relief. The downside of any chronic pain disease is that the medical profession treats sufferers like drug addicts chasing the next high by faking symptoms ... it didn't matter that I had a near full prescription pain pill bottle with me and a history of frequent visits, you are a pill chaser until proven otherwise. Well, I had enough. I walked out of those hospital doors and turned to my wife exclaiming that I would do whatever it took to never have to go back to hospital for pain issues again. That was January 26 2012 near 1.15 pm. And, I haven't been back.

A large part of my career involved marketing and substantial research to understand the buyer and the buying circumstances. Studying business plans and building a return on investment that made it a no-brainer to buy the products and services I represented. Intense research. What paid off in business also paid off in strategies to deal with my health. I found a number of ways of managing blood sugar levels. I also found an incredible way of dealing with the pain of pancreatitis. It's simple: pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas. The pain is from the inflammation of the pancreas and surrounding tissue. At that point in time, my pancreas was extensively damaged and not producing much insulin and not producing digestive enzymes. The other major function of the pancreas is to produce bicarbonate. My pancreas wasn't producing any of that either. My research showed that sodium bicarbonate from external sources could help. I found a medical report that I read several times to understand this. The day I decided to try this was the day after a small fireplace fire at our house. We had managed to put the fire out – no damage in the house, but a bit of smoke smell. We used some baking soda from the cupboard to remove the smoke smell. The empty baking soda box was on the counter waiting to go to garbage. There was just enough baking soda left for one "dose" ... baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. 

Well it worked and with immediate effect. I felt the pain completely subside within seconds of drinking a 1/8 level teaspoon of baking soda. My next step was to jump in the car and go buy another box. Baking soda – sodium bicarbonate – has been a key part of my self-treatment ever since. I carry it with me now all the time. 

My self treatment Phase 1 and Phase 2 helped manage my blood sugar levels and eliminate pancreatic pain. 

Phase 3 is what brought it all back to normal. And, I do mean normal. From a high of 19.2 mmol/L, my A1C is now 6.2 mmol/L (111.6 mg/dL). That is only .3 from normal and I'll reach that within a few months. I no longer need insulin. I have lowered Metformin from 5 per day to 2 per day. 

To make this perfectly clear, this means my pancreas is once again producing insulin and once again producing digestive enzymes. This means Phase 3 has restored the functionality of my pancreas.

Questions and Answers:

  1. Will sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) help my pain? Yes, it will. This site gets about 2100 unique daily visitors. Most are family or sufferers of IBS, Collitis, Crohn's Disease, and other digestive issues. Many have GERD's / acid reflux. Many have arthritis. All share in that inflammation is the cause of their health problems and find some relief from the anti-inflammatory properties of baking soda.
  2. How much baking soda should I take? The maximum to take in any 24 hour period is 1 level teaspoon. It is recommended that you do not take that all at once, spread it out over the day with 1/8 level teaspoon eight times through the day. That levels out the effects without creating a roller-coaster type of effect.
  3. I need your Phase 3 right now. I'm tired of injecting insulin and taking enzymes to function ... Sorry, I do empathize with your situation. I created Phase 3 and used myself as a guinea pig. Since others have essentially "stolen" Phase 1 and Phase 2 to create commercial products without so much as a thank you to me, I refuse to share Phase 3. Phase 3 is complex, but based on a simple scientific phenomena. 

And, a video that explains how to reverse Type 2 Diabetes (from Purdue University).

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