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My self-treatment

Over the years, I have written about my self treatment. There are three distinct "phases", each were defined at different times in dealing with my health issues. 

Phase 1 focused primarily on bloog glucose control and a small component on pain management. There is a complete article that I originally wrote in 2013. 

Phase 2 focused almost entirely on pain management and in particular – the pain of pancreatitis (acute or chronic). There is a complete article that I originally wrote between 2013 and 2014. 

The main self-treatment in Phase 2 is sodium bicarbonate. This is one natural supplement that I simply will not be without. Not on any day, not at any time. There is sodium bicarbonate with me all the time. It is such an effective pain reliever that works within seconds of taking it. 

Since writing up those two phases in my self treatment, I have created a third phase. I have called it Phase 3 and I have discussed its benefits to me in several articles and in different context. I have been reluctant in exposing the main compound of Phase 3. Initially that was to complete my own tests to make sure it worked as I thought it would. And it has worked beyond my wildest expectations. 

As I write this, I am in the second week of being free of insulin injections. My pancreas is now producing enough insulin, supplemented with oral medicine (a prescription). 

When I was first diagnosed with Idiopathic Chronic Pancreatitis, I was told my pancreas was non-functional. That meant it could not produce enough insulin or digestive enzymes for my body to function. I needed insulin injections and digestive functions. For the rest of my life, I was tethered to needles for insulin and digestive enzymes to eat, drink and snack. My C-Peptide reading was 264 ... with a normal range of 370 to 1140 pmol/L, that meant I was well under "normal", hence the need for the insulin injections.

The prognosis was not good. My doctor told me that the pancreas does not repair or regenerate. The only possible change for a pancreas is a decrease in functionality. Treating with insulin and digestive enzymes could possibly slow down the degradation, but eventually my pancreas would stop functioning entirely. The only bright side is that would not affect my lifespan. It would create a dependency on pharmaceuticals.

Over a period of about two years, I finally came up with a treatment program based on a fairly simple scientific phenomena.

It has taken me another two years to create my Phase 3 compound and test it on myself. Two years of adjusting the formula and the dosage. In that time, I found several methods of administering this phase. 

And, the end result is nothing short of miraculous. The latest C-Peptide test (January 24 2017) is at 574 pmol/L. That is at the low end of normal, but enough to be able to stop using injected insulin. I've also been able to cut down on digestive enzymes quite a bit ... roughly one-half the amount needed before I started Phase 3. Along the way, I have a few new discoveries. 

One of my main points in all of this is that with Pancreatitis and Diabetes, the researchers need to spend more time looking at what is missing. I know that we are deficient in D3 and B12. With pancreatitis, most of us need digestive enzymes to function. We do not have an effective treatment for one of the symptoms: steatorrhea. I've tackled this issue with psyllium husks at the recommendation of my gastroenterologist and the nutritionist – at least early on when this was first diagnosed. Steatorrhea continued to be a problem until I did a test. I replaced the psyllium husks with an Omega 3 supplement that has pretty much eliminated the steatorrhea issue. More importantly, I discovered that we are also deficient in vitamin H (Biotin). When you combine the prescription digestive enzymes with Omega 3 and with Biotin you end up with near normal digestion. No loose stools, no oil leaks (steatorrhea), very little flatulence, and fairly normal nutrient absorption. 

The thrill, though, is in proof that Phase 3 is working and reversing the damage to my pancreas. It is not a quick fix, this is taking time. Two years so far to get to the low end of normal.

Before anyone contacts me to get the details of Phase 3, or demands that I publish it on my website like the other phases: sorry, but that isn't happening. The two previous Phases were blatantly copied and turned into commercial products with not even a thanks or any credit for contributing to someone else's profit. Phase 3 is far more profound and holds the promise of some life altering changes. It has in my own life already and I am thankful. I will make this available to others though. I am currently in discussions with several companies to make this available – inexpensively – to everyone. 

Stay tuned.

PS. I will be creating some of the Phase 3 compound for others to test (primarily taste). If you are interseted and close to my location, let me know.

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