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Self-treatment validation

I know it works. As plain as day. I have been pain free for nearly six years now and the cost is less than one cent each day. The pharmaceuticals cannot take it away as a do-it-yourself pain management system. 

Remaining pain free is all the validation I need. Yet, when my endocrinologist told me on August 18 2017 (my regular appointment) that the recent CT scan showed the pseudo-cyst on my pancreas was gone. Validation, again.

Sodium bicarbonate is what I attribute all of this to. More commonly known as baking soda. A box of Arm & Hammer 500g costs $1.28 (CAD) at Walmart. That is the equivalent of 100 teaspoons. And, the equivalent of more than three months of self-treatment dosing – assuming maximum dosage daily. At maxium dosage, that is $0.0128 per day ... slightly more than one cent. I rarely take the maximum dosage any more ... hence my claim of less than one penny (one cent) per day.

Baking soda has helped quite a few others too. Some with pancreatitis, some with other digestive diseases (Crohn's, IBS, Colitis, etc), and many with acid reflux and GERDs. It works, and works fast.

I recall sitting in one of my doctor's office at my regular appointment and watching his eyes light up in amazement when hearing and reading about my c-peptide results. Over the past two years, my c-peptide levels have increased from near zero to nearly the mid point of average. Impossible in the view of his medical training – the pancreas just does not repair or regenerate itself. It's impossible. Yet the lab test results clearly show a consistent improvement. Why? Well, that's the result of my latest self-treatment (the one I refuse to discuss publicly). Self-treatment #3 is what is responsible for the disappearance of the pseudo-cyst on my pancreas. It's what is responsible for the increases in c-peptide levels. 

An explanation: C-Peptide is a compound in our body that when measured, indicates the level of insulin in our body. That is a marker of how the Islets of Langerhorn (those things responsible for making insulin in the pancreas) are working. When you have Chronic Pancreas as I do, that functionality is compromised. If c-peptide levels are increasing, those Islets of Langerhorn are starting to work again. And if they are working again, my pancreas is "healing". No other explanation.

I still refuse to discuss my self-treatment #3 publicly. I would much prefer to discuss how I discovered it and, perhaps, disclose it over the coming months.

Here goes. 

The main symptom of Chronic Pancreatitis is pain. Extreme and delibitating pain. By the time Chronic Pancreatitis is diagnosed, I am told, the pancreas is about 80% non-functional. In my case, I had a distorted pancreatic duct and sizeable pseudo-cyst as well as scarring from calcification. At the point of diagnosis, I had lost about 80 to 85% functionality. That meant I was now dependent on digestive enzymes and insulin to replace the two main functions of the pancreas. 

Much of my research focused on determining what pancreatitis is. I don't mean to make it sound like I was trying to trail blaze the medical community ... my research was just to understand what pancreatitis is at a lay level. A few things were important. Pancreatitis is inflammation. It becomes non-funcitonal by a process of calcification. The calcification is the same as that in bones, but doesn't seem to harden as it does in bones. It is like aged jello from what I understand. The first "ah-ha" moment was when I was standing at our old refrigerator with some CLR to clean the calcium deposits of hard water. Hmmm ... a product that disolves hardened calcium deposits. What if there was a product that could work the same way on calcium deposits in the body?

And I found such a solution. It's a multi-part process, one passive, one active. It is slowly disolving the calcification in my pancreas. As a bonus, it is also dissolving the calcium deposits in my joints (arthritis) and calcium deposits that form bone spurs. So far, it has worked very slowly for several years. I am in no rush, it took many decades to build up the calcium deposits, as long as I am reversing that, I am thrilled. And, it's another product that the pharmaceuticals can't stop. Commonly available, and almost as inexpensive as my other self-treatments.

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