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SLS scare tactics

There are postings on Facebook regarding SLS ... from individuals using scare tactics to solicit sign-ups for newsletters (and presumably, paid services).

Any warnings or alerts about SLS are preying on fear – and nothing else. There's no science behind the scare tactics.

Along with SLS, there are two other ingredients used in soaps and shampoos that are also part of the scare tactics. So, let's unmask the acronyms and discuss all of these. SLS stands for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. There's another similarly named compound, Sodium Laureth Sulfare (acronym: SLES), and a third compound Ammonium Laureth Sulfate (ALS). All three are widely used and help create the suds or foaming action while washing. These three compounds are usually referred to jointly as "sulfates".

The scare tactics claim these products are cancer causing and damaging to your body. This has been de-bunked by several organizations and de-bunked by science. It's a myth traced back to 1998 and documented on And, to use a portion of that report, you can tell when this is a scare tactic when the bright light bulb writing about it confuses SLS and SLES.

If you get shampoo or soap with any of these three compounds in your eyes, it will irritate. To a small percentage of users, it will also irritate when left un-rinsed on your hair or skin. When used properly and rinsed off as it should be, any product with these compounds is safe.

What is interesting is that the exact same irritation will occur, in the exact same circumstances, if you use sulfate-free soaps and shampoos. With sulfate-free soaps and shampoos you get exactly the same drying out effect. About the only difference is that you pay more for sulfate-free and use more of it.

Those of us that suffer from SD need to wash away the scaling, flakes, and excess oils produces on our skin. The most effective are products discussed on Facebook. The three most effective (as I've found) are Nizoral, Davis Miconazole Shampoo, and Head & Shoulders Clinical Strength. I use these to eliminate the redness and itching. They also effectively remove the scales and flakes ... and I use a cream afterwards to keep the scales and flakes away.

There are many on the SD Facebook page that shout out the benefits of Coconut Oil – to the bright bulbs writing scare tactics: SLS is most often derived from Coconut Oil.

But, don't take just my word for it. I'm not selling anything and I do not derive any income or revenue from discussing SD, products, or strategies to be itch-free and flake-free. Read a chemist's report:

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