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As I write this (June 12 2016), my plans are to close down all of my websites and focus on conveying my experiences with tobacco harm reduction, health, and some other thoughts here on this blog.

I'll do my best to organize my views (the articles) in a reasonably logical manner with appropriate categories to make it easier to find stuff.

To those reading my health articles with the hopes of quickly finding my self-treatments – forget it. I found too many commercial websites carrying my self-treatment programs as commercial products. Where my articles suggest that you source products local to your area and save yourself some money, the commercial products based on my self-treatment programs are charging from $60/mth and up. That's pretty much three times what it should cost. I'm weary of having my research and results stolen by the integrity-challenged based on profit motivations.

As usual, wherever possible, I will post citations to medical reports, research papers, and scholarly texts to support a point view.

Your comments are always welcome, feel free to post a reply or comment any time you wish. Be aware that all comments are moderated. They will not display to the public until approved by the administrator (me). That means it could take some time before I get to it, read it, and approve it. It also means that junk and spam can't make it to the public. Also note that I may be editing the comments, particularly  removing any email addresses and links to other websites ...

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