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I read an interesting post on Facebook where someone was discussing a Chinese herbal cream that had helped with their skin condition.

I decided to order some and try it out.

I ordered a lot of 10 15g tubes of a product called Yiganerjing. The ingredient list is:
cortex pseudolaricis, sophora, common cnidium fruit, belvedere fruit, white moss skin, cortex phellodendri, honeylocust thorn, unicorn lotus, radix stemonae, glabrous greenbrier rhizome, seven swords, iron Holly, white petroleum jelly, menthol, purified water, chlohexidine acetate, etc

My reaction to the ingredients was likely similar to yours. Most appear to be natural ingredients, except for two. Chlohexidine acetate is on the World Health Organization List of Essential Medicines and widely used in dentistry, dental products, cosmetics, etc. White pretroleum jelly is not a natural product, but is used widely in a variety of industries and products, including cosmetics. I also thought adding menthol to any cream for the scalp and face was a bit strange.

Based on proper research, I often test products that may resolve health issues. Since this has none of the typical seborrhea treatment ingredients (anything ending in "azole"), I was quite keen on trying it out ... and didn't expect much from my tests.

I was in for quite the surprise ...

I think one of the most important times for any topical treatment is right after a warm wash. That opens your pores and provides an excellent way of getting maximum benefits from the treatment. Right after a bath or shower is ideal.

That's when I first used Yiganerjing. I wasn't ready for this ... an intense warm tingling sensation, bordering on "hot". I wanted it to stop and considered washing it off. I decided to proceed with the test and allow the cream to do its work. The warm/hot sensation dwindled and disappeared after about 3-4 minutes. The tingling took about another minute or two past that. The smell of menthol is prominent and I expected that – it is, after all, right under your nose.

Unlike some of the other topical treatments, this left an oily feeling and did not remove any redness. The redness did subside within 3 to 4 hours.

Once the menthol smell dissipates, the effect of this cream is really quite nice. My skin feels fairly normal with a slight "oiliness" ... and by that I mean it is not feeling dry, feels healthy, and is not as oily as the SD by itself. It feels good and feels healthy. I apply this cream every day and it keeps the scaling (that roughness feeling stage before flaking) and flaking away.

The only issue with this cream is the initial application after a warm bath or shower. I have gotten used to it now and look forward to the warm intense tingling ... I view that now as the start of a normal look with no flaking.

I ordered Yiganerjing directly from China. I bought a 10 pack of 15g tubes at a cost of $10.99 including shipping. That's about $1.10 for each tube. A good value for something that works.

I intend on continuing using this product ... it cost less than any other treatment I have found and is more effective for longer periods of time.

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