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Here's one job to pass on

I hold a commercial driver's license. I also hold a motorcycle driver license. Combined that works out to a designation of BM, and quite frankly fitting for the school bus industry.Being semi-retired, I wanted something to do with my time. Give back to the world, I figured. Where best but to devote your time towards children and helping ensure their safety going between home and school.I had to overcome some health obstacles. It… View More


More on fuel economy ...

My first truck was a 1969 GMC pickup truck. I think the year I bought that was around 1976 or 1977. I owned a body shop and garage at the time, and the truck was supposed to be for car parts, tires rims, body panels, and supporting customers. The GMC was a piece of junk. While it was only 7 or 8 years old, it was a rust bucket barely worth putting any effort into saving. It was just a work beast and nothing more. I never really… View More


How I improved fuel economy by 3L/100 Km

This is my recent acquisition, a 2009 Ford F150 FX4. It is in good condition but high mileage (261k Km). I previously had a 2006 Ford F150 XLT that was very similar to this: a SuperCrew with four full size doors and a 5.5… View More


Self-treatment validation

I know it works. As plain as day. I have been pain free for nearly six years now and the cost is less than one cent each day. The pharmaceuticals cannot take it away as a do-it-yourself pain management system. Remaining pain free is all the validation I need. Yet, when my endocrinologist told me on August 18 2017 (my regular appointment) that the recent CT scan showed the pseudo-cyst on my pancreas was gone. Validation,… View More


My self-treatment

Over the years, I have written about my self treatment. There are three distinct "phases", each were defined at different times in dealing with my health issues. Phase 1 focused primarily on bloog glucose control and a small component on pain management. There is a complete article that I originally wrote in 2013. Phase 2 focused almost… View More


When is a 4x4 NOT a 4x4?

My Ford F150 has 4X4 stickers all over it and is documented as a 4X4 in specifications and the user manual. Is is a 4X4?EDIT: On a flat surface a vehicle in 4WD is driving all four wheels. 25% of the engines torque is going to each wheel. In 4WD, you have 50/50 torque split front to rear. With open differentials you can lose traction with one front or one rear wheel and still keep moving. If you had front and rear… View More


Best first aid training

In high contrast to a horrible experience trying to renew my first aid certificate, I have now completed the Emergency First Aid Training with AED. (AED means Automated External Defibrillator) offered by Action First Aid.I'll even go a bit further. The course instructor,… View More


Horrible training ... lives at risk

On Saturday December 3 2016 I attended a training program at the Red Cross Canada offices in Barrie ON to renew my Emergency First Aid CPR certificate.I had initially contacted the Canadian Red Cross office in Barrie through their website. The Red Cross recommends a company called Adrenaline Rush and lists that organization on the Red Cross website with the same address as Red Cross. Course instructor was Lorne McArthur of Adrenaline… View More


My health website

I shut down on April 16 2014 out of shear disappointment. I had been contacted by several people asking details about my self-treatment programs. I gladly shared all the information I had – and discovered my self-treatment programs became the core of several commercial products costing anywhere between $60 and more than $200 monthly. Since my self-treatment programs costs are quite reasonable, these thieves were making and selling… View More


The ugly side of statins

Type 2 Diabetes is the result of one of two issues (or a combination of the two). In the first case and most likely case, your body is resistant to the insulin your pancreas produces. In the second case, your pancreas may be producing insufficient insulin for your needs.With me, my pancreas is pretty much non-functional and I am dependent on two types of insulin. I inject long-acting, or basal, insulin once in the morning. The brand I… View More